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 Richard C. Groth
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 Trenton, NJ 08690

Ewing Township, New Jersey Police Department

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Trenton, New Jersey Police Department

Mercer County Sheriff's Department

New Jersey Department of Corrections

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New Jersey Human Services Police

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A.D.O.P.T. is a Law Enforcement prep course located in Mercer County, New Jersey started by Rich Groth, a retired Police Lieutenant from the Trenton Police Division. The program was started after years of experience as a student much like you. After achieving my goal of retiring at age 47 as a Lieutenant, I decided to continue to do what I really enjoy - teaching. During my years as a law enforcement officer, I had been a Police Training Commission (PTC) certified instructor assigned full time with the Trenton Police Academy. For more than eight years I taught and supervised many individuals, instructing in almost every subject listed in the basic curriculum. That experience, along with more than five years experience as an assessor and instructor in another prep course assisted me in developing the program that I use today.

Upon retiring from my career in law enforcement in 1997, I started this prep course based upon what I felt other courses were lacking to benefit you the student! I begin by using techniques which personalize the process of preparing individuals for the promotional process. Today, I have attained a reputation that far exceeds most similar companies. This program continues to grow and many of my hundreds of students have achieved high scores on many promotional titles.


The answer is quite simple


We will work together as a team! Working in groups allows me the time to monitor and assess the daily progress of each and every student by using the latest in computer technology. Exams are instantly scored electronically by a computer scanner, similar to the one used by Civil Service. Results are e-mailed to you by use of a student ID number for privacy. They are also posted in the classroom to provide students instant feedback. This helps students to better understand their strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis. The students can compare themselves to others in the program without any embarrassment. Students can then take corrective action before their actual Civil Service exam.

My tuition is much lower than most other prep courses because I am the only one teaching the program. This maintains consistency and uniformity with the instruction that is given. Subjects and test items which have a high probability of appearing on each exam are the only things covered during the course. This way study time is maximized to benefit the student.

Whether you are preparing for a Municipal Police, County Sheriff, County Corrections, or State Law Enforcement Exams, New Jersey Department of Correction (NJDOC) Exams, or Health Care Provider Exams, I am always willing to go the extra mile to assist you in properly preparing for your Civil Service Commission (CSC) test, whether it be an entrance level exam or a promotional exam.

I call my course “A.D.O.P.T.” – which stands for Answers to the Department Of Personnel Test – since what else matters! DOP is now called Civil Service. No matter what you achieve with your department, it is the score you receive on a CSC exam that will get you promoted. I use the TEACH, TEST and REVIEW format which has proven to be successful with all type of students, many of whom are poor test takers.

Generally classes are held twice a week either on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays near the date of the actual CSC exam, depending on the availability of a hall along with other factors such as snow in the winter. Sometimes we will meet on Mondays with Wednesdays as a backup snow day. Morning and evening sessions are conducted to assist those on shift work, and designed at convenient times to allow those working to attend most classes.

Most classes are given at a central Jersey location, on the out skirts of Trenton, which is convenient and accessible by most major roadways in the state. In the past I have held classes at either my home/office, I fire company hall, and most recently at the Hamilton Hilton. Whatever the location might be, it will provide you with an environment conducive to effective learning.

You should choose to enroll with A.D.O.P.T. because you will be working in groups, with less commute time, saving you considerable time and money, and you will learn items which will probably appear on your exam. Smaller is better. It is all up to you!

If you are in Corrections, you should select the course which has the best, overall, continuous results over all other prep courses in New Jersey. Why go to someone else who does not have proven results time and time again for Corrections? Read the Results Tab on this website yourself and you will be convinced that A.D.O.P.T. continues to have the best preparation and the best results available. The facts speak for themselves! My students continue to out score any other prep course for Corrections in this State. Don't compete against an A.D.O.P.T. student - be one and get the promotion you earn!

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